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Concerts are one my favorite things in the world to go to, hearing someone perform their music in front of a live audience is so much better than just listening to them on your phone or computer.

Here are some reasons why everyone should go to many concerts as they possibly can! If you've never been to a concert before, picture this:

That first momenet when you find out that your favorite artist is performing near you, you start getting excited and asking your friends if they want to go with you. You wait and wait for tickets to go on sale, and when they do you rush online to get yours. Then you start a countdown on your calander, as the show date gets closer and closer, you get more and more excited to go. When the day of the concert finally comes, you're about to burst with excitement; nothing compares to that.

You drive to the venue where the concert is taking place. When you finally arive to the venue, you can see everyone waiting in line and they are all talking about how excited they are.

It's finally time to get into the venue, you hand off your ticket, you walk in and see the stage that has the band's name on it and it's starting to become even more real.

If you have meet and greet before the show it's even way better because then you can finally hug and talk with your favorite artist. Even if you don't pay extra for a meet and greet ticket, there will times where you have the opportunity to meet the artist or band after their set. It's easier to do at smaller venues than at arena-type places. Getting to meet one of your favorite artists is an amazing experience.

You find where you sit or stand if yoou have GA and now you wait. The second they come out, the atmosphere changes, there are hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people screaming. Everyone around you likes the band as much as you do and knows all of the songs.

During one of their slower songs, or the song that is the most popular, just get quiet for a moment and just listen to the crowd around you. It's probably the coolest thing. Hearing so many people singing along to a song with such energy is another one of my favorite things about going to concerts.

Then as the concert is close to the end, you realize you might need to get some water because you been screaming so much and it gets really hot inside.

If you've never been to a concert, I urge you to go to one at some point in your life. It will change the way that you appreciate music. Also, they are super addicting; once you go to your first concert, you will be spending all of your money to keep going to more. It will seriously change you.